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Tourist attractions in the area of ​​Rulewo

Grudziądz - 18 km away

Grudziądz has a population of 100,000 and 700 years of history. It is well known for its picturesque set of multi-storey granaries by the Vistula river.
The military nature of the town is reflected by the remaining parts of the Teutonic Knights' castle, parts of 14th-century defensive walls and a huge citadel whose erection was commissioned in late 18th century by the king of Prussia.
In the interwar period, Grudziądz was home to the Cavalry Training Centre, the biggest school for cavalrymen in Poland at that time.





Chełmno - 40 km away

Chełmno is a medieval town located upon the Vistula river, famous for its Gothic architecture. A true miracle of architecture is a renaissance town hall situated in the huge market. This small town impresses with numerous Gothic buildings, such as four huge churches and a medieval network of roads surrounded by the ring of defensive walls.






Świecie - 32 km away

The major town of the district was settled 800 years ago where the Wda river flows into the Vistula river. One of tourist attractions is a 35-metre high fortified tower of the Teutonic Knights’ castle, which used to be a water fortress situated between the two rivers. Anyone who climbs the tower will be rewarded with an interesting view to the town and vicinity.
Another building worth your attention is a Gothic church with beautiful ‘stair-step’ top and the tower reconstructed in a renaissance style. Świecie is famous for night singing within the walls of the castle, which is a cultural event known across Poland.





Gniew - 38 km away

Gniew is famous for its huge castle, where many open air performances are given to present daily life in the Middle Ages. This is where you can try out an armour, practice archery, learn pottery or listen to astonishing Gregorian choirs.
Each year, in August, a reconstruction of a battle between Poland and Sweden, entitled “Vivat Vasa”, is held. In high-season, on each Saturday and Sunday, volleys are shot from the 18-century cannon to mark the Angelus hour.





Kwidzyn - 45 km away

This vigorous town with 40,000 residents is known for its impressive Gothic castle and cathedral.
The dansker of the castle, which is 55 metres long, is known as “the longest medieval lavatory of Europe”. Today it is home to ethnographic exhibition.
In 2007, the remains of three Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order were found in the cathedral in Kwidzyn. The results of archaeologists’ work may be found in the part of the castle called “the Crypt of Grand Masters”.





Wda Landscape Park – Tleń – 30 km away

Established in 1993, the Park covers the area of 24 hectares near the Wda river, which forms picturesque bends and wide Żurski Lagoon. Several nature reserves are to protect the post-glacial landscape, as well as numerous species of plants and animals living in the park. The most interesting of them is Miedzno Lake Reserve, a breeding and foraging habitat for water and mud birds.
The biggest tourist centre within the park is Tleń near the Żurski Lagoon. Numerous tourist and educational routes are established near Tleń.





Lower Vistula Valley Landscape Park

It is one of the longest landscape parks in Poland. It covers the 100-kilometre patch of land along the Vistula river, from Nowe to Bydgoszcz. The landscape is shaped by numerous sandbanks (habitats of water birds), riparian forests, valleys, canyons, lakes, old river valleys and anti-flood embankments that have been built and modernised for centuries.
High slopes cut by numerous evidence of landslides offer breathtaking views to the Vistula river valley.





Wierzchlas - 48 km away

It is one of the largest reserves of yew in Central Europe. The oldest yews in the reserve have approximately 700 years old and unusual shapes, which owe their name, for example. The brave, Lovers, Umbrella, Eagle, and others.






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