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Wedding and Wedding Dinner

Weddings in the Hanza Palace

We know exactly how important is the day when two people start their new journey throughout life together. This is why, in the Hanza Palace Wellness & Spa, we do everything we can to make the dreams about the wonderful wedding come true. Being aware that each wedding reception is a unique and unrepeatable event, from the very beginning we offer the support of our hotel specialist for special events and weddings who is responsible for ensuring that the wedding reception will be a joyful and memorable event both for the newly Married and for their Guests.


No matter whether it is a huge wedding reception for as many as 100 Guests or a private dinner with the closest friends and relatives, our wedding consultant will be equally involved in preparations to take care of any tiny detail not to ruin the atmosphere of this special day.



Wedding receptions in the Hanza Palace are organised in 5 air-conditioned banquet rooms. Two of them, the Water Room and the Park Room, are situated in the modernist part of the hotel, whose design is a combination of architectural minimalism and modern style. The big advantage of the first of the rooms are huge windows reaching from the floor to the ceiling along the full length of the wall, facing the beautiful palace park. The similar glass wall in the other room offers a view to the swimming pool. Both rooms ensure direct access to palace terraces and are big enough for traditional weddings.


Three smaller rooms are located in the historical part of the hotel. Palace Room, with a view to the 200-year old park, is a typical venue for such celebrations and it intensifies the charming atmosphere of wedding receptions for up to 36 people, usually attended by families and friends. The room is spacious and full of day light, but if needed it can be also blacked out to create extraordinary atmosphere. Fireplace Room, whose unique mood is ensured by the fireplace and a small library, is perfect for dinners with closest relatives (up to 20 people).

Depending on the number of guests, a formal dinner can also be organised in the Green Forest Room. It offers a view of the palace park (up to 36 persons).


Wedding guests have 120 beds at their disposal in Classic, Family Rooms and Connected rooms available at attractive prices (breakfast included) with unlimited access to the swimming pool with the jacuzzi and saunas, 10% discount for our SPA offer and a free parking place. As a gift from the Hanza Palace Hotel, the married couple receive a luxury suite type room on their wedding night and a 30-minute relaxing back massage!


The Hanza Palace Hotel offers its assistance not only in the selection and arrangement of the venue, accommodation of guests and creation of the wedding menu, the composition of which is supported by its chef with his knowledge and experience, but also through many years of cooperation with our guests, we have a very individual approach to each celebration and are open to unique ideas and special wishes.


 We offer our participation in the selection of companies co-creating the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony (photographer, music band, DJ, videographer, decorator, etc.), as well as additional attractions (photo booth, chocolate fountain, gifts for guests, animator for children and many others).

The celebrations for such a special day do not always find their finale with the last song played by the orchestra at the wedding reception. We would be happy to organise a makeover the following day to extend the special time associated with celebrating the nuptials.



A dream outdoor wedding ceremony

A dream outdoor wedding ceremony

We would also be delighted to arrange a civil wedding ceremony for you in the beautiful scenery of a 200-year-old park at the gates of the Tuchola Forest. Under the Oak tree we will create for you an unforgettable atmosphere of a nuptial, which you will not experience in an office. It will certainly be a wonderful memento of this special event for you for years to come.

Please contact our specialist for special events and weddings, Ms Aleksandra Grzybowska aleksandra.grzybowska@hanzapalac.pl , mob.: +48 601 503 691, who will provide you with detailed information on the wedding offer of the Hanza Palace Hotel and prepare a comprehensive offer for your event, tailored to your individual needs. We strongly encourage you to visit our hotel since only then you may truly experience its charm, architecture, location and quality of services.





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