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Feel invited to the SPA venue in the Hanza Palace Wellness & Spa****. We offer a modern approach to face and body care, The motto of our venue is “Inspired by nature”. The Hanza Palace SPA zone provides professional services based on ecologic skin care products.


Ecologic cosmetics of M. Picaut brand accompanied by face acupressure and holistic massage give spectacular results. M. Picaut line, inspired by natural products and Chinese medicine, allows you to forget about invasive procedures. In our venue, lasers are replaced by nature and by the hands of our specialists.




Spa Pałac Hanza Massage

The massage is performed with a carefully selected mixture of natural and anti-allergic M.PICAUT oils


Lumber massage

Wood becomes an increasingly popular treatment tool. Even though it has been forgotten for some time, it now regains its position.


Birch Twig Massage

It is our proprietary massage, the effects of which are supported by healing properties of birches.


Healing Massage

The most popular and the most often used of all therapeutic massages is the massage of spine, which restores proper health condition.


Aromatherapy Massage

The aim of this procedure is relaxation, which stays with you for a long time thanks to the combination of aroma oils and the hands of our massage specialists.


Hand Massage With Candle

It is recommended in particular to people who cannot use other treatments for medical reasons.


Anti-Age Facial Massage

Subtle massage on natural Anti-Age serum with high concentration of active ingredients.



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