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Good practices counteract COVID-19

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Dear Guests, we have implemented all safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization and GIS (General Sanitary Inspectorate).
The so-called GOOD PRACTICES implemented by the Hanza Palace to maintain safety and counteract COVID-19 obliges the staff as well as guests relaxing in the hotel with the aim of common good and health.


  1. Online registration card, short check-in, minimizing the time spent at the reception. All information about the guest's stay in the hotel is sent by e-mail before arrival and available in the room.
  2. Temperature measurement with a non-contact thermometer at the check-in - the staff has the right to refuse to admit a Guest (in case of a subfebrile state or other disease symptoms).
  3. Obligatory wearing of masks in common areas of the hotel.
  4. Liquids for hand disinfection available in the common areas of the hotel, for the use of guests.
  5. Observing the minimum distance of 1.5 m between guests as well as staff and guests.
  6. No persons not checked-in are allowed in the hotel.
  7. Payments made by bank transfers or payment cards.


  1. Systematic training of staff, according to the guidelines of the sanitary services.
  2. Absolute adherence to new working standards in masks or visors, gloves, caps, protective clothing, frequent disinfection of equipment, washing and disinfecting of hands by all employees in the space.
  3. Measurement of temperature (non-contact thermometer) for each worker before starting work, in the case of subfebrile states and symptoms of illness, sending the worker home . Implementing a separation procedure.
  4. Introducing additional disinfection of employees' common areas - cloakroom, kitchen, social rooms and warehouses.
  5. Staying in the rooms where it is possible for up to 2 people and/or keeping a safe distance.
  6. Controlling the status of guests and reporting. Prohibition of unregistered persons from staying on the hotel premises.



  1. Measure the temperature with a non-contact thermometer during the check-in of each Guest at the Hotel; in case of subfebrile state and disease symptoms refuse admission to the Hotel.
  2.  Use of protective masks / visors and disposable protective gloves by the Reception staff.
  3. Providing means for hand disinfection and disinfection of working tools at the reception desk.
  4. Systematic / each time disinfection of the surface of the reception counter, terminal (preferred non-cash forms of payment), magnetic cards (room keys), as well as other office supplies or equipment used in the service of Guests.
  5. Limitation of the number of Guests served at the reception desk. Maintaining an appropriate distance between Guests (in line, in the Reception and Hotel spaces). As far as possible, limiting to a minimum the time of the Guest's stay at the reception desk.
  6. Conducting an information campaign for the Guests concerning special precautions to be taken in connection with an epidemic emergency.


  1. Cleaning staff obliged to use protective masks/face shields and gloves.
  2. Room disinfection and room ozonisation after guests' departure, before the next check-in. Detailed disinfection of all surfaces in the room: furniture, handles, fittings, railings, TV remote controls, telephones, kettles, mini bars and other equipment, flat surfaces and all sanitary facilities in bathrooms.
  3. During the guest's stay, rooms are cleaned only on request (it is rather recommended to change bed linen and towels, complete the necessary assortment without the staff entering the room - by passing it under the guest's door).
  4. Frequent ventilation and disinfection of common parts in the hotel (furniture, handles, railings, fittings, lift).
  5. All over the hotel, available stations with liquid for hand disinfection.
    Information on special precautions in connection with an epidemic emergency, available in visible places in the hotel.


  1.     Mandatory hand disinfection before entering the restaurant.
  2.     Stands with liquid disinfectant set up in front of the entrance to the restaurant, breakfast room, café, reception and other common areas in the hotel.
  3.     Guidelines in connection with the functioning of catering during the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in Poland of 13.05.2020 available for guests in a visible place.
  4.     The distance of 2m between tables in the restaurant and rooms where meals are eaten.
  5.     Observing the principle of 1 person per 4 m2 and setting the maximum number of guests in the restaurant in accordance with the guidelines.
  6.     Respecting the rule that one table can be shared by a family or people in the same household.
  7.     Thorough disinfection of the tables and marking after disinfection is completed. The principle of a clean table top.
  8.     Frequent ventilation of the restaurant rooms as well as all rooms in the facility.
  9.     Restaurant orders are carried out only in served form, both in the restaurant and on the terrace. The staff takes the order from the guests and brings it to the table together with additional items necessary to eat a meal (cutlery, napkins, sugar, salt etc.).
  10.     The use of buffets or dispensers for self-pouring drinks is excluded.

With respect,
Hanza Palace team

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