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Anti-cellulite treatment

Anti-cellulite treatment

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Treatment Description:

This is an ideal combination of treatments for any person who faces problems of accumulating cellulite tissue and for those for whom detoxification is of great importance.

Thanks to using adequate products including green coffee, which is strongly cleansing, toxins may be eliminated from the body to improve blood circulation, nourish tissues and make skin firm.

The ritual is started with jojoba wax peeling and a steam sauna session.

As a next step, your entire body will be wrapped up in foil. When the body is wrapped in foil, intensive cleansing is being done and the specialist uses this time to provide a hair and head skin treatment along with a cotton-oil head massage.

The ceremony is completed by a relaxing body massage with the use of dry oil that does not block skin pores and leaves skin surprisingly smooth.


The ritual consists of:

– Body peeling with a session in a steam room,

– Anti-cellulite Green Coffee treatment with foil wrapping,

– Head and hair treatment accompanied by a head massage with the use of cotton oil,

– Dry oil body massage

Brings relax

Anti-cellulite Green Coffee treatment

Nourish tissues and make skin firm


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