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Rope Park

Rope Park

Fans of extreme emotions are welcomed to visit the biggest rope park in Poland opened from early spring to late autumn and situated in the 200-year old landscape park surrounding the palace. Its routes, divided into different categories of difficulty, run among the highest trees, above park hills and ponds, which makes the park one of the most attractive places of this type in Europe.


The Hanza Palace rope park was created to ensure exciting entertainment for people of all ages. Adults can expect a strong injection of adrenaline on the routes with various obstacles, including on the one for the teams of two, crazy zip-line experience, vertical and pendulum jumping, as well as climbing the climbing tree. Children can have fun in the mini rope park, on trampoline and eurobungee.



Since your safety is our priority, the Hanza Palace rope park has been designed in accordance with the principles and standards set by ACCT (Ropes Course Construction Standards, 2004). Project Outdoor Company, which arranged and built the park is a member of the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA). The rope park is subject to annual safety revisions and safety of users is ensured by experienced instructors who watch them all the time. Before entering the park, our guests are equipped with attested and dedicated protection equipment suitable for such facilities: harnesses, lanyards, and helmets. We use the equipment manufactured by a German company, recognised as one of the most modern, the safest and popular in rope parks in the Western Europe. 







Before starting the activities, the instructor explains how to use protection equipment and shows how to pass obstacles. Users repeat the steps and the instructor eliminates mistakes, if any. The protection system is easy to understand and its simplicity lies in the fact that every time the same steps need to be repeated. Only after the training is completed and after checking that each user has the protection equipment worn correctly and understands the rules of activities, the instructor gives them a green light to go to the higher parts of the rope park.


Price list

Price list

Green route

a route for 2yo to 12yo children, with colourful obstacles (clips, bridges, tunnels) between wooden houses on the trees. Safety is ensured by the safety net.



Yellow route

a route for children who are 6 years old or younger, accompanied by an instructor or a parent, suitable also for adults and teenagers. The ropes are 2–3 meters above the ground and the route has 12 obstacles adequate for the youngest users.


Blue route

a route for adults and children who are at least 130 cm high. The route is made of 13 obstacles with a relatively low level of difficulty. It is recommended mainly to those beginning their adventure with the rope park and teenagers.


Pendulum jump (Big Swing)

fans of this attraction claim that it is far better than bungee jumping. You jump from a few or more than 10 meters, and as a pendulum you swing to reach the level above your starting point. You are transported to the starting platform with a special lifting mechanism.

Black route

known also as the extreme route is an offer for people who are not afraid of challenges. It is made of 13 difficult obstacles and to pass them you need to be really fit. This route is available for people above 16 years old.


The route for two

a route with 13 obstacles which may be passed only in pairs. Cooperation is the main slogan for this route. It gives you a lot of fun, laughing and emotions, but it is also a good opportunity to test... trust. It's perfect for couples, friends and organised groups.



 for a start you will face the challenge of climbing 14-meter ladder to get to the platform and then you will enjoy the ride with the increasing speed over the park lake!


Climbing tree

you climb up to 16 meters using handrails fitted on a big tree. All the time you are secured by an automatic system of vertical climbing protection, which allows you to be transported down after falling from the tree.



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