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Good practices counteract COVID-19

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Dear Guests, we have implemented all safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization and GIS.

The so-called GOOD PRACTICES implemented by the Hanza Palace to maintain safety and counteract COVID-19 obliges the staff as well as guests relaxing in the hotel with the aim of common good and health.


  1. Compulsory wearing of masks in the common areas of the hotel.
  2. Hand disinfectants available in the common areas of the hotel, for use by guests.
  3. Observing a minimum distance of 1.5m between guests, as well as staff and guests.
  4. Payments made by bank transfers or payment cards.


  1. Systematic training of staff, in accordance with the guidelines of the sanitary services.
  2.  Strict adherence to new working standards in masks, gloves, caps, protective clothing, frequent disinfection of equipment, washing and disinfecting of hands by all staff in the space.
  3.  Measuring the temperature (non-contact thermometer) of each worker before starting work, in the case of subfebrile conditions and disease symptoms, sending the worker home. Implementing a separation procedure.
  4.  Introducing additional disinfection of employees' common areas - cloakroom, kitchen, social rooms and warehouses.
  5.  Staying in rooms where it is possible for up to 2 people and/or keeping a safe distance.


  1. Use of protective masks by the staff of the Reception Desk.
  2. Providing means for hand disinfection and disinfection of work equipment at the reception desk.
  3. Systematic / each time disinfecting the surface of the reception counter, terminal (preferably non-cash forms of payment), magnetic cards (room keys), as well as other office supplies or equipment used in the service of guests.
  4. Limitation of the number of Guests served at the reception desk. Maintaining an appropriate distance between the Guests (in line, in the Reception and Hotel spaces). As far as possible, limiting to the minimum the time of the Guest's stay at the Reception.
  5.  Conducting an information campaign for the Guests concerning special precautions to be taken in connection with an epidemic emergency.


  1. Cleaning staff obliged to use protective masks / visors and gloves.
  2. Disinfecting the rooms and cleaning the air by using professional equipment with antiviral and antimicrobial activator after guests' departure, before the next check-in. Detailed disinfection of all surfaces in the room: furniture, handles, fittings, railings, TV remote controls, telephones, kettles, mini bars and other equipment, flat surfaces and all sanitary facilities in bathrooms.
  3. During the guest's stay, the rooms are cleaned only on request (it is rather recommended to change bed linen and towels, complete the necessary assortment without the staff entering the room - by passing it under the guest's door).
  4. Frequent ventilation and disinfection of common parts in the hotel (furniture, handles, railings, fittings, elevator).
  5. Stations with hand disinfectant available throughout the hotel.
  6. Information on special precautions in connection with an epidemic emergency, available in visible places in the hotel.


  1. Restaurant in the hotel can be used only by hotel guests staying at least 1 day.
  2. Mandatory hand disinfection before entering the restaurant.
  3. Stands with liquid for disinfection are set up in front of the entrance to the restaurant, breakfast room, café, reception and other common areas in the hotel.
  4.     The distance of 2m between the tables in the restaurant and the rooms where meals are eaten.
  5.     Thorough disinfection of the tables.
  6.     Frequent ventilation of the restaurant rooms, as well as all rooms in the facility.
  7.     The hotel staff is obliged to wear masks or visors and wash hands frequently.
  8.     The preferred form of settlement is a payment card.

Wellness &Spa zone

  1. Mandatory hand disinfection before entering the Wellness &Spa area.
  2. There can only be 1 person at the spa reception.
  3. The number of people in the pool is limited to 25. The spa receptionist controls the corresponding number of people using the pool.
  4.  The number of people in the sauna and jacuzzi is limited to 1 person.
  5. The cloakroom can only accommodate 2 people at a time.
  6. Mandatory shower and foot disinfection before entering the pool, sauna and jacuzzi area.
  7. Persons using the Spa treatments are requested to cover their nose and mouth during the treatment.
  8. Receptionists and spa therapists are required to wear masks or visors and perform treatments in disposable gloves.
  9. All common parts are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as often as possible.

With respect,
Hanza Palace team

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