Hanza Palace Hotel ****has Poland’s largest adventure park. We have four assault courses for adults and one for children over 3 years old. There is also an aerial runway (zip-line) above the park’s lake and other attractions such as a swinging jump, a vertical jump and tree climbing. The location of our adventure park in the two-hundred-year old historical park is an additional attraction in our four-star hotel.

        This unique adventure park was designed to be amongs the tallest trees, which combined with falls, hilly terrain and three ponds, takes advantage of its aerial runway, hiking and sightseeing potential.

       The park is designed in such a way that families can spend time together. There is a large selection of routes and courses for adults and their diversity will satisfy every one. For children we offer such attractions as a mini-zoo with llamas, miniature sheep and goats, a modern playground, trampoline and eurobungee.

       Our park was built according to international rules and standards set by the world organization ACCT (Ropes Course Construction Standards, 2004). Project Outdoor, the company which arranged and constructed the park, is a member of the ERCA (European Ropes Course Association). The adventure rope course park is subject to annual safety audits. The safety of participants is supervised by experienced instructors. We use equipment dedicated for use in rope course parks.

       Before guests enter the park, they are supplied with approved protective equipment such as harnesses, hydraulic lanyards and helmets. This type of equpment comes from Germany and is one of the most modern and safest of those used in rope course parks in Western Europe. Then the instructor explains how to operate the equipment and shows how to overcome obstacles properly. Participants repeat the activities and the instructor eliminates possible errors. The belay system is easy to learn, and its simplicity is down to repeating the same procedure at each ”station”.

After completion of the course the instructor allows participants to enter the higher rope obstacle courses.

There are the following routes and their prices

Course description:

The Green Route – for children aged 3 to 12 – is full of colourful obstacles such as duck feet, bridges and tunnels between the wooden houses in the trees. A safety net is there to prevent injuries from falls.

The Blue Route – for adults and children over 130 cm in height. The route consists of 13 obstacles and is recommended for beginners and children as the level of difficulty is low.

The Red Route – a high level course with 18 obstacles. It requires a little more skill but also provides an adrenaline rush and satisfaction on completion. The height of this route adds to its attraction.

The Black Route – an extreme route course for people over 16 who can boast a good level of fitness. It consists of 13 challenging obstacles.

The Tandem route – a route with 13 obstacles which can only be overcome in pairs. Cooperation is the key to this route. It provides a lot of fun, laughter and positive experiences and is also a test of …. trust. Best for couples, friends and groups.

Aerial runway (Zip-line) starts by climbing up a ladder onto a 14-metre-high platform and then whizzing down above the park lake. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Vertical jump (Fun Power). A participant is attached to a special DROP line, and then jumps vertically from a height of 13 meters. The first part of the jump is very fast and then the participant is slowed down gently to a safe landing on his feet.

Big Swing – an attraction that increases the level of adrenaline in the blood. Participants jump like a shuttle 180°. They get back to the platform by the means of a chairlift. Participants can choose when to jump. Big Swing fans say it is more fun than bungee jumping.

Tree climbing – the participant climbs to a height of 16 meters with grips installed on a large tree. The safety system consists of an automatic belay device which gently lowers the participants if they fall.

After all youe exertion we invite you to our park bar where you can recover with a tasty meal and a cool drink.

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